:Pretty Kitty Design: would like to introduce you to ARCTIC Tech.

What is ARCTIC Tech, you might ask?

ARCTIC stands for the following:
A: Automated
R: Randomized
C: Color
T: Timed
I: Item
C: Coordination

Okay so that might not have explained it. 😛


ARCTIC Tech allows multiple items to change, fade, shift, etc. in sync. So if wearing an ARCTIC Shirt and ARCTIC Skirt the items will fade between different colors though out the spectrum randomly.

What if I don’t want my clothing/items to change colors, but instead stay on one color?

Well You can do that! With the old ARCTIC Transmitter you had to remove the transmitter to stop the color shifting. BUT! With the new version 2 Transmitters simply click on the cat transmitter (attaches in lower left corner of screen) and it will bring out all 20 colors you can choose from. Just click on a color and your outfit will change to it easy as that.

Okay but what if I want my outfit to change colors again?

Well that is easy as well! Just click on the cat symbol again and the color choices will disappear and the items will start changing in sync once more.

I bought more then one outfit can I mix and match items?

Yes, all ARCTIC Items will work together.

Do I have to wear both transmitters if I wear pieces from different outfits?

No. All items will work off of one transmitter.

I bought an old version of ARCTIC, will I get a free update?

Yes. Everyone will get free updates to all items bought.