Dat Jiggly Creamy Sunny Fun Day

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“Goddess grinned wiggling her tushy as she purred. The soft sweet icy treat dripping between her pursed lips. As he let her tongue glide out wrapping itself around the cool intoxicating treat. The taste of pineapple and vanilla assaulting her senses. As her tongue tugged and pulled. The long thick cylinder into her warm wet mouth wrapping those soft lips around it and sucking so casually. The sensation of something cool dripping between her breast. Running between her cleavage as she cooed in utter delight enjoying. The warm sun beating down on her caramel colored skin. Her voice like the sounds of the wind a sweet melody as she spoke “You humans do understand how to live! Goddess must take more notes on this. Yes these things humans have called popsicles are divine. Goddess really enjoy these greatly so round so tasty so drippy so much fun! ”she chuckled licking her lips feeling some of the creamy treat smeared over there glossy lush plumpness” back to what goddess was saying. Goddess was just relaxing enjoying the sun! Goddess does love sun and the warm feel on her skin when she decided it was picture time. I do hope you lovelies enjoy Goddess picture! Goddess enjoyed taking it so much for you all!. “Winks” now why don’t you be a doll go run get goddess another popsicle her mouths feeling so lonely. She really could use another treat to stuff herself with.

Now that Goddess has your full attention She will do a review. Today’s lovely sensually sizzling item was brought to us by the Arella of Pretty Kitty Designs. This time up for grabs she has a lovely smoking hot bikini. This bikini is far too perfect it’s just so much fun. This bikini hugs goddess curves with reckless abandon. The fit is purrfect with my maitreya body. Offering no clipping that goddess could spot!. The print is amazing the boom boom print is reminiscent of cartoons and just brings a smile to this goddess face. In a world of so many colored bikinis and bikinis sporting flower prints, it’s really lovely to get something different for a change. This bikini comes with a hud offering up no fewer than eight mix and match colors. Another nice touch is the fact the tops and bottoms are not linked allowing even more customization. At times it can be nice to wear a swim top and a cute pair of cut off shorts. Perhaps you’re wanting to be naughty and just run around topless! “Winks” this bikini allows you to do just that.

As far as sizing goes there most likely a size that will fit you! The bikini is being offered in the following sizes

Standard Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Tonic Fine and Curvy
Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya
Slink Physique and Hourglass
Maitreya Lara

As you can see this bikini is being offered in almost every imaginable size. Though like always try the demo to make sure it fits your specific shape. The bikini is currently on sale at the main shop you can find linked below for a sizzling 150 for non group members are 99 for group members just join the group it’s free “winks”
Until next time humans still cool and enjoy your yummy drippy tasty popsicle treats!

Whats Goddess Wearing


Go Home Sinners

Sinners Go Home

Hello my lovely viewers and sorry about the delay of getting this up! Goddess had every attention of getting this posted sooner then she is. What has goddess found for you lovelies to sink your teeth into today! Why its another lovely release from the talent at Pretty Kitty Designs! Arella has once more been hard at work. This time releasing a cute and very gothy inspired outfit! This outfit comes in two pieces a top and skirt. It does have a tiny bit of clipping around the waist but nothing to bad. The textures are extremely nice and the shirts material’s enabled giving it a nice shine effect. The shirt is offered in multiple gothy styles with more styles to come! Including some not so Gothic styles in the very near future!. The skirt is also well done and looks super cute. It has a nice print around the border giving it a Gothic vibe also!. Overall the assembly is well put together looks cute! Also offers a lot of value its certainly worth going and taking a peek at!

The other thing wanted to talk about was this cute adorable yummy tattoo that goddess is wearing. Its part of the event put on by madpea! For charity! Its really cute tattoo that looks yummy enough to eat! No eating Goddess Human’s! It makes her sad and flails! “Flails’ it was created by the talent at .Identity. Body Shop and is also worth checking out!! Sorry for the shorter review this time my lovely but hope you still enjoyed! “Kisses”

below chu will find what I am wearing

What is Goddess Wearing

Witching Hour

Witching Hour


Catwa Catya Head

[PF] Sabine Porcelain Catwa Skin Applier

Catwa Mesh Eyes

:PKD: Cosmic Blue Eyes Catwa Eye Applier

Truth Ryleigh Hair

Maitreya Lara Body

[PF] Porcelain Skin Maitreya Applier

Vista Bento Hands


:PKD: Witching Hour Shirt

:PKD: Witching Hour Skirt

:MA: Sally Heels


Evermore. Animated Neko Ears (Black)

U.S. Nose Piercing

~LF~ Dimple Piercing

~LF~ Lip Ring

.Hyper. Cat Necklace

Sweet Thing. Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento)


:Pretty Kitty Design:



:PKD: Witching Hour Outfit : 100L$