Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome at Pretty Kitty Design. Custom orders are accepted and/or completed as time or other factors allow. Placing a custom order does not provide any sort of priority on the development of your custom order vs any other project (custom or otherwise). Payment for custom orders will be due upon request from Arella Ohmai or Certified Lunasea.

Note that you must provide the following information when placing a custom order:

  1. Avatar Name
    • Display names will not work
  2. Exact name of your mesh or sculpted body or head.
    • Specify classic/system/NA if you are not using a mesh or sculpted body or head.
  3. Detailed specifications for the item.
    • Please be as detailed as possible.
    • You may include links to images if needed.

If you need an outfit completed by a specific date/time or wish for an exclusive/semi-exclusive item to be made then please include this information in your specifications.